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Named after Rhiannon (pronounced: ree-an-uhn), the Celtic God of Transformation, The Rhiannon Group believes that all organizations need to consistently transform their operational plans and relationships, to be successful.

Specializing in Strategic Planning and Operations Integration Solutions, The Rhiannon Group believes in close client relationships while delivering exceptional results.

We attain quality, success and client satisfaction through applying our five fundamental steps to all projects:

project methodology

The Rhiannon Group is dedicated to operational planning, focusing on five key services:

  • Operations Integration
    Ensuring the most advanced, effective and efficient techniques are being applied to operational structures and relationships to attain optimum results.

  • Operational Plan Development
    The process of integrating concepts, goals, policies and procedures from ideas into a compatible documented framework, which evolves into functional physical operations.

  • Risk Mitigation
    Evaluation process of assessing, identifying, understanding and eliminating risks from your organization's operational structure.
  • Organizational and Crisis Readiness
    Through physical validation and practice, aiding organizations transform plans into physical operations while highlighting the challenges they can expect to encounter during normal and crisis situations. Updating of policies and procedures often follow as a result of realized outcomes.
  • Global Event Management
    Complete consulting service, focusing on all key functions and dynamics required to create a quality event, from concept inception to event delivery.

The Rhiannon Group is committed to complete client satisfaction and understands that clients do not want theory, they want experience.

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