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Every organization suffers from inefficiency.

Regardless of the industry, service or size of the operation, there is always room to improve performance and decrease costs.

The Rhiannon Group recognizes that a strong operational structure and plan has to be in place to deliver results. We will aid you in instituting best business practices while also ensuring you undertake constant review, evaluation and remediation of processes to attain superior performance.

Specializing in custom designed programs, The Rhiannon Group works with each client to attain the most effective solutions to operational challenges within their desired scope, budget and timeframe.

We can prepare you for such challenges as:

(Domestic & Abroad)
  • Evaluating potential partners
  • Eliminating logistical, cultural and financial obstacles
  • Aligning policies and procedures, ensuring standardization of plans and operations
  • Upgrading of existing infrastructure to stay competitive
  • Streamlining integration process with suppliers and new technology additions
  • Evaluation of security systems
Personnel / Industry Partners
  • Evaluation of staffing matrix; roles, responsibilities and suitability
  • Creation and implementation of effective Training and Development programs
  • Ensuring highest standard of accountability and preparedness
  • Application of comprehensive operations plan
  • Effective and integrated communications
  • Constant evaluation and adaptation to change
  • Awareness and adherence to Regulations
  • Political climate and government structure
  • Support including, grants, funding and taxes
External Factors
  • Minimizing negative impact from incidents involving external parties including partners, suppliers, competitors
  • Impact from economic climate
  • "Acts of God", including natural disasters, climate, health epidemics

The Rhiannon Group corporate philosophy is centered on proving our clients with quality services. We only commit to projects where we know we can deliver immediate value.

This philosophy can be summarized into three phrases:

Think Strategically
We concentrate on understanding and helping to define your operational strategy and goals. All our services are delivered with this strategy in mind.

Build Incrementally
We believe that success breeds success. We will outline a series of actions/projects which are totally aligned with your operational strategy. We will work to ensure that results are generated quickly, cementing this attitude moving forward.

Deliver Quickly

We will deliver tangible value immediately. There are no long lead times or drawn out implementation life cycles - with The Rhiannon Group, you get effective results quickly.

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