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PRACTICAL VALIDATION is essential to ensure your organization is ready to operate in delivering plans and objectives, during both normal operations and times of crisis.

The Rhiannon Group provides organizations with practical experience and educational opportunities to develop all areas of their operations, transforming their plans from theory into reality.

Applying practical validation and exercising of plans will:

  • Ensure your designed plans are effective
  • Identify and correct critical weaknesses and gaps in the organizational plans
  • Verify that all pertinent staff understand and are comfortable with the plans
  • Test the communication structures in place
  • Increase your ability to identify and allocate necessary resources
  • Decrease time and exertions understanding new plans and initiatives
  • Advance modification of plans to address identified goals and challenges
  • Enhance ability to identify risks within organization
  • Promote constant evaluation and modification of plans as organization evolves

We have developed various tools and strategies to improve the operational readiness for global clients, across three continents. Through validation of plans and complete preparedness we ensure our clients deliver successful world class projects, when there is only one opportunity to get it right.

Implementation of The Rhiannon Group Organizational Readiness Programs will:

  • Improve staff awareness and effectiveness in delivering operations
  • Enhance integration of internal and external relationships
  • Increase overall operational efficiency
  • Design and Promote Education of the framework necessary to transition from plan to physical operation
  • Limit negative impact from adverse situations
  • Increase organization confidence in each new endeavor
  • Identify operational weaknesses and promote improvement of gaps and shortfalls
  • Increase effectiveness of operational procedures and responses
  • Create tools for Executive Management to authenticate plans and consistently identify areas for improvement
  • Develop Command Control and Communication polices
  • Constantly Re-Emphasize the operational goals and challenges of the organization

The Rhiannon Group understands that team members need practical experience and educational opportunities in all areas of the organization to deliver effective results. This complete preparedness is crucial during both normal operating circumstances, and particularly during adverse situations.

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