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Every event, regardless of size, location or budget, requires the same fundamental building blocks to be successful and safe.

The Rhiannon Group has a proven track record in Event Management Consulting. Over the last ten years, we have specialized in aiding organizations attain maximum results and revenues for ventures across the globe. The Rhiannon Group consults in integrated planning, implementation and management of your event, to ensure that every function of your project will be successful. Whether it is a one-of-a-kind or annually occurring event, we have the expertise to ensure you deliver quality.

The Rhiannon Group Global Event phase methodology will work for you!


    1. Strategic Planning
    2. Operations Integration (Internal and External)
    3. Implementation of the agreed Plans
    4. Rigorous Testing Simulations
    5. Operational Period
    6. After Action Reporting, Documentation and Recommendations

Our associates have first hand experience in each of the essential functional departments necessary for any event, including:

Operational Strategic Planning


Accreditation / Credentials
Technology and Telecommunications

VIP Relations and
Sponsor Services
Operations Integration Implementation Stage

Risk Mitigation and
Test Simulations

Training and Development of Staffing Modules
Command Control and Communications

Venue Operations and Production
Main Operations Centers Design and Development

Staffing and Volunteer Programs
Logistics and Warehousing  Public and Media Relations

Whether your event is local, national or international, contact us to further explore the services we provide. We will save you money, resources, time and ensure your event is world class!


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