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The Rhiannon Group recognizes key factors that can determine the success for Government and Non-Profit Organizations.


Through our extensive experience working with all levels of Governments and forms of Non-Profit Organizations, The Rhiannon Group brings insight to organizations, helping them to deliver effective operations.

As an independent third party organization, we will help you attain success through:

  • Clarifying and Re-Focusing on goals and concepts of the organization
  • Assessment of over-all operations and resources
  • Development of operations plans, including policies and procedures
  • Creating an efficient project delivery structure
  • Enhancement of the Staffing and Training Programs
  • Integrating operations plans of all key stakeholders
  • Effective Implementation of plans
  • Advanced Command, Control and Communication policies
  • Upgrading of Crisis and Contingency planning
  • Execution of testing and readiness modules
  • Review process, including after action reporting and policy evaluation

The Rhiannon Group develops specific strategies in assisting Government and NPO's deliver projects ON TIME and ON BUDGET. Through ten years of experience delivering projects across three continents, we have proven success working with varied organizations, attaining maximum results. We understand the need for constant evaluation to ensure plans and operations are being performed properly.

The Rhiannon Group strives to understand our clients operations and develops custom solutions when they face challenges in:

  • Upgrading of existing operations plans
  • Implementing already developed plans
  • Integrating new ventures into already existing plans
  • Developing new ventures from inception
  • Refining operations of Individual departments within organizations
  • Exclusive events and project undertakings

The Rhiannon Group iniatives ensure that the Executive and Project Managers lead teams that are always educated and prepared. Working together with your departments and personnel, we implement straightforward principles and applications to all your operational challenges.

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