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The Rhiannon Group works with organizations to improve the integration of their operations, internally within the company and with their external partners.

Improving Operational Integration for your Organization provides:

  • Improved operational efficiency within entire organization, at all levels
  • Reduction of costs, efforts and wasted resources
  • Advanced operational education of personnel
  • Streamlined communications and decision making
  • Improved personnel satisfaction and organization strength
  • Increased information sharing between affected stakeholders
  • Enhanced identification of key operational interdependencies
  • Identification and elimination of operational shortfalls and gaps
  • Greater confidence in operations by personnel, partners and customers


benefits executive management


The Rhiannon Group provides custom designed solutions to problems by providing organizations with an unbiased and realistic evaluation of their operational structures.

Due to performance impacting factors, including outsourcing of services, government regulations and dependencies on various technologies and partners, key operational departments need to integrate their efforts toward common goals.

Failure by Executive Management to recognize operational gaps and shortfalls can have lasting negative results on performance and costs.

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