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The importance of recognizing and understanding Risks that can impact your organization must be paramount in any operational endeavor.

The Rhiannon Group believes that once you understand the risks you are exposed to, you can then eliminate them from your operational process, establishing solid contingency and business continuity processes.

Not identifying and mitigating operational risks can:

  • Create vulnerability to adverse situations, which could have been prevented
  • Leave the organization ill-prepared for crisis situations when they do occur
  • Increase operating costs, as an effect of realized risks
  • Negatively affect company reputation, products and share price
  • Expose organization to unfavorable criticism and harmful media coverage
  • Reveal lack of operating procedures to perform satisfactorily
  • Increase government regulation
  • Result in “knee-jerk” reactions to situations, leading to greater costs
  • Generate frustration and mistrust among personnel
  • Pose physical threats to personnel and facility
  • Poorly impact relationships with key affected stakeholders
  • Increase exposure to negative litigation

Results from active risk identification and mitigation include:

  • Prevention of high risk situations from impacting the organization
  • Limited operational impact from unexpected and adverse situations
  • Decreased costs and inefficiencies throughout the organization
  • Foundation of business continuity and contingency planning processes
  • Improved understanding of overall operations by personnel and external partners
  • Increased confidence of staff, clients and shareholders
  • Validation that existing operational structures are equipped to deliver performance
  • Introduction of standardized, approved responses to operational challenges
  • Creation of effective communications throughout organization

The Rhiannon Group will identify and reduce the risks within your organization by:

  • Assessing and evaluating internal operations plans
  • Initiating feedback and observations from key management personnel and operational partners
  • Creating a risk analysis model of your industry - past, present and future
  • Providing a greater ability to anticipate situations before they develop
  • Categorizing risks to allow more effective Executive Management
  • Limiting negative impact incidents can have on your organization
  • Streamlining operational processes to create efficiencies and identify shortfalls
  • Developing Contingency and Business Continuity plans, to deal with adverse situations
  • Creating comprehensive communications structures and protocols
  • Educating and training staff, to increase risk awareness and their ability to successfully deal with risk when faced with the challenge
  • Incremental evaluation and analysis of identified risks and potential impacts
  • Creating a risk eradication plan to be a constant work in progress throughout the organization

The Rhiannon group recognizes operational risk has to be accepted, understood and addressed.

Through our experiences on three different continents, we are experts at identifying risk within operations and limiting potential impacts to our clients. We work with your executive management team to create and understand necessary solutions to potential problems, while ensuring your goals and visions are always relevant to the project.

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